Fact or Crap - 07-31-20

Fact or Crap


Phantom Facts



Our trivia contest is a combination of True or False statements from the game Fact or Crap and one or two serious trivia questions that we hope you'll find challenging and interesting. All correct answers will earn one point toward RRHS64 bragging rights and perhaps some yet-to-be-determined prize at our next class event.  New questions will be posted on Mondays and Thursdays, so check back often. Answers for Monday's questions must be submitted by midnight Eastern time on Wednesday and answers for Thursday's questions are due by midnight on Sunday.

Answers for 07-23-20:

1.   St. Elmo is the patron saint of firefighters.
Crap. Two wrong answers on this one. There is a natural phenomenon called St. Elmo's Fire but it's not something you'd want to fight with a stream of water.
2.   A funicular is a type of cable railway.
Fact. Everyone knew that.  
3.   Bamboo was used to make 19th-century bike frames in Europe.
Fact. Everyone knew that too.  
4.    The 1969 three-day Woodstock concert took place in what New York town?
On Max Yasgur's dairy farm in Bethel, NY, about 60 miles from Woodstock, NY. Only one wrong answer here.
 5.   Who invented the telescope?​​​​​​​
Dutch eyeglass maker Hans Lippershey. Two wrong answers on this one.

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1)   Jumil Day is a Mexican festival celebrating the harvesting and eating of a stink bug.

2)   Triassic, Silurian and Permian are all time periods in the Earth's evolution.

3)   Alcatraz was the only federal prison that offered hot showers to its inmates.

4)   What country fell victim to the Curse of Tamerlane?

5)   Who made a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932?