Fact or Crap - 06-04-20

Fact or Crap


Phantom Facts



Our trivia contest is a combination of True or False statements from the game Fact or Crap and one or two serious trivia questions that we hope you'll find challenging and interesting. All correct answers will earn one point toward RRHS64 bragging rights and perhaps some yet-to-be-determined prize at our next class event.  New questions will be posted on Mondays and Thursdays, so check back often. Answers for Monday's questions must be submitted by midnight Eastern time on Wednesday and answers for Thursday's questions are due by midnight on Sunday.

Answers for 05-28-20:

1. King Zog was the last ruling monarch of Albania.
2. False teeth existed in Europe more than 2,000 years ago.
3. India has a high occurrence of tornadoes.
Crap - Not unless there's an India, Oklahoma.
4. White Fang is a dog/wolf hybrid created by which author?​​​​​​​
Jack London. No, it was not Soupy Sales.
5. By what year does Europe expect all new cars to be electric-powered?​​​​​​​

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1)   A number of species of lizard have a third eye.

2)   Halley's Comet last passed Earth in 1991.

3)   Vitamin F is present in paprika and lemon juice.

4)   Which Henri Matisse painting was hung upside down for 46 days at the MOMA New York by mistake?

5)   What country banned the Simpsons in 2006?